WINNER OUTFITTERS 7 Gallon Grow Bags/Aeration Fabric Pots

Why should you use grow bags?

A recent study in Texas showed the root of plants grow faster in Grow Bags, because grow bags allow oxygen to penetrate the walls of the pot. Grow bags could let extra water out when you watering, which prevent many problems associated with over watering like root rot. Grow bags could revents roots from circling, Decreased risk of transplant shock.

There are many grow bags to choose from on Amazon. Why do you choose from us?

Meterial Made with 100% non-woven landscape fabric, BPA-free and environmental-friendly felt. Durable Compare other grow bag, we have more than one process in sewing to ensure our fabric pot is durable.

Way Too Easy Money Back Promise Our promise is that our product is just as great, better or the best out there and we back it with our crazy promise. If you are are unsatisfied with our grow bags, you could contact us and tell us your reason, then we will give you your money refund within 5 hours and you can keep the grow bags.

Product Features

  • 7 Gallon Grow Bags/Aeration Fabric PotsMaterial: Made with high quality nonwoven fabric, Built-in handles for easy movement
  • Structure: Prevents roots circling and air-prunes plant’s root structure, so it’s better than Plastic Containers
  • Warmer & Cooler: Keeps plant warmer in winter and cooler in the summer
  • Package: 6-pack 7 gallon grow bags
  • Guaranteed: If you don’t like our grow bags, or whatever, we’ll instantly refund your money and you can keep the grow bags, no questions asked. It’s our promise and we don’t lie

These are great bags for the value and people really appreciate that you can move them around and lift the. Very strong and sturdy with great stitching.  Looking for a movable pot for your vegetables, herbs or fruit trees this Winner Outfitter grow bags featuring aeration fabric Pots with handles comes highly recommended.

3 comments for “WINNER OUTFITTERS 7 Gallon Grow Bags/Aeration Fabric Pots

  1. WillyB82dVet
    April 6, 2018 at 9:30 am

    Grow bags are small. Same size as a 3 gal nursery pot. So the 5gal bags are about the size of a 3gal nursery pot. Just a heads up. Great company to work with as they address any concerns quickly. I highly recommend this company and I look forward to ordering again ( IN a larger size).

  2. Dawn Guthrie-Clark
    April 6, 2018 at 9:55 am

    The company was happy to refund me or replace the items quickly I bought these to replace 5 gallon buckets. They unfortunately were smaller than I anticipated for 7 gallons 13W x 12H. The company was happy to refund me or replace the items quickly. They are very sturdy and well sewn.

  3. Nyer
    April 6, 2018 at 10:03 am

    Good affordable grow bags I purchased a 6 pack of the 10 gallon grow bags. They are well made and I am using them to grow some Okra, Egg plants and Zucchini. The volume is as stated.

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